Because everybody deserves to be a main character.

Our Mission

Study after study has shown reading positively impacts a child’s development. Even the mere presence of books in a home increases the level of education children in those homes eventually attain. But the content and characters in the books matter, as well.

As children begin to form their view of the world and how they fit into it, it’s important that they have books available that represent diverse cultures and races. Research has shown that the broader the array of cultural topics a young reader has access to, the more they recognize diversity as positive and as “the norm.”

Books are meant to open up windows to what is possible. They allow us to see ourselves in other worlds and step into somebody else’s shoes. Our mission at the Loving Little Minds Home Library Project is to make sure those worlds and vantage points are accessible to all.

We prioritize providing these books to families that otherwise may not have access to them, though anybody can pay to receive them on a monthly basis, as well.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Our Story

We are a multiracial family based in Medford, Massachusetts. Our family has a common love for books; it’s what reliably settles our kiddos when the world around us gets chaotic.

Arya loves to help deliver these books to little ones each month, going on trips with Daddy around the local Boston area. Kiran is a little too small to be coordinated enough to stuff envelopes, but he enjoys devouring the books we pick and has a big affinity for Dora the Explorer, besides.

Growing up one of the only kids of Indian-American descent in her hometown, Simanta (Simmy) didn’t have access to textbooks that told a fair story about people of color, and she didn’t remember having access to books that told multidimensional stories about them, either. This initiative aims to bring multicultural children’s books to local homes that opt in to do so on a monthly basis so everybody can see themselves—and others unlike them—fully and fairly represented in the pages of a book.

Photo by Dyuti Majumdar, Art and Memories Studio