We believe in the transformative power of books.

Let’s start from the ground up, where our littlest feet stand.

Loving Little Minds is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free monthly children’s multicultural books to kids ages birth to 9 to battle systemic racism and empower our littles to envision a more just future for all.

We hope to inspire future generations to make positive and inclusive change.

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Our Books

Each month, we strive to select and share books that capture various forms of diversity, and we hope that the kids in our program are enjoying experiencing characters that are both similar and different from them.

We aim to work with independent publishers and bookstores, including those run by people of color.

The dream is that these pages are opening some windows and doors that our littles ones are walking through, to be able to learn something new about themselves and others.

Because everyone deserves to be a main character.

Baby Loves Gravity
Last Stop on Market Street

From the Loving Little Minds Community

”David loves the books he’s received so far from the Loving Little Minds Home Library Project. Our hope is that the stories will teach him to respect and celebrate differences in people by integrating diversity into his everyday life.”

— Therese

“During this current, strange, new world, where I can’t expose my son to events and cultures as easily as I used to, sharing books with stories with diverse people and subjects is more important than ever. It opens up an opportunity for questions and an important dialog.”

— Caroline

”Like so many things, I believe that the lessons of equity, diversity, and anti-racism begin at home. I want my daughter to grow up knowing without a doubt that black and brown lives don’t just matter – they are amazing, and needed, and worthy.”

— Kristin

”We look forward to our books every month. It’s so great to have a resource that lets us expose our son to more diverse viewpoints and ways of life that are different from his own. The stories we received are clearly picked with love and care, and we enjoy sharing them as a family.”

— Lillian

Photos courtesy of Unsplash: Header image by Jerry Wang; Our Mission image by Chayene Rafaela; About Us image by Dyuti Majumdar, Art and Memories Studio; Ways to Give image by Gift Habeshaw; Join Us image by Johnny McClung