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Current Picks: July 2021

The Princess and the Pea

Written and Illustrated by Rachel Isadora

For our 3–6 year olds: Get ready for an innovative twist on the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale about a young woman whose identity is verified by her acute sensitivity. Join us on this journey as we begin to dream about a new generation growing up with fairytales where POC are the norm.

Littles and How They Grow

Written by Kelly DiPucchio / Illustrated by AG Ford

For our 0–2 year olds: This adorable, shareable board book follows the familiar storyline of how babies and toddlers grow and how their grownups take care of them. Little ones and their caretakers can look like all of us, not just some of us.

Past Picks: 3–6-year-old

June 2021
Say Something!
Written and Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

May 2021
Ravi’s Roar
Written and Illustrated by Tom Percival

April 2021
King for a Day
Written by Rukhsana Khan / Illustrated by Christiane Krömer

March 2021
When I Grow Up
Written and Illustrated by Pratha Shetty

February 2021
Hair Love
Written by Matthew A. Cherry / Illustrated by Vashti Harrison

January 2021
The President Wears Pink
Written by Mandana Vetto / Illustrated by Sara Foresti

December 2020
Last Stop on Market Street
Written by Matt de la Peña / Illustrated by Christian Robinson

November 2020
This Little Trailblazer
Written by Joan Holub / Illustrated by Daniel Roode

October 2020
Let’s Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali!
Written by Ajanta Chakraborty and Vivek Kumar

September 2020
Jabari Jumps
Written and Illustrated by Gaia Cornwall

Past Picks: 0–2-year-old

June 2021
Boo-Boo! and Time to Go!
Written by Carol Zeavin & Rhona Silverbush/ Illustrated by Jon Davis

May 2021
Dim Sum for Everyone!
Written and Illustrated by Grace Lin

April 2021
Baby Loves Green Energy!
Written by Ruth Spiro / Illustrated by Irene Chan

March 2021
Lola at the Library with Mommy!
Written by Anna McQuinn / Illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

February 2021
Follow Your Dreams, Little One
Written and Illustrated by Vashti Harrison

January 2021
Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
Written by Lisbeth Kaiser / Illustrated by Stanley Chow

December 2020
The Little Book of Giving
Written by Zach Bush and Laurie Friedman / Illustrated by Sarah Van Evera

November 2020
A is for Awesome!
Written by Eva Chen / Illustrated by Derek Desierto

October 2020
My Baby Loves Halloween
Written by Jabari Asim / Illustrated by Tara Nicole Whitaker

September 2020
Antiracist Baby
Written by Ibram X. Kendi / Illustrated by Ashley Lukashevsky